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Star Touring and Riding is a family organization geared toward riders of the Yamaha STAR line of motorcycles. However, ALL BRANDS OF MOTORCYCLES ARE WELCOME. THANK YOU for stopping by to learn more about the STAR Touring and Riding Association, and the St.Louis, Missouri STAR Chapter #132.

The Gateway Chapter #132 was chartered in July of 2000. The humble beginning included a total of five members, We currently have forty-five members and continue to grow.

  STAR Touring and Riding was first conceived in 1995 and founded in 1996, STAR Touring and Riding Association is an international family riding organization. As the, "Official Riding Organization of Star Motorcycles.," STAR is a non-political, non-confrontational association. It's main focus is on family, fun, camaraderie and RIDING. All brands of motorcycles are welcome. Comprising over 65,000 members and over 285 chapters, STAR recognizes safety as a first priority. The STAR community is a mix of riders with varied riding experiences. Chapter rides follow the highway laws and limits, to keep everyone as safe as possible. This allows everyone to enjoy the ride and not have new riders feel overly stressed. STAR chapter rides do not include "tavern runs", and consumption of alcoholic beverages on chapter rides is prohibited. We want to see you back safely for the next ride. If you are looking for a family motorcycle association, with a lot of pride, spirit and camaraderie without the "attitude" you have found the right organization.




    STAR Touring and Riding
Mission Statement

To pursue, promote and protect the interests of motorcyclists; to develop better and more enthusiastic relations between the general public, the media and the operators and riders of motorcycles; to encourage rider participation in events; to promote motorcycle safety and camaraderie among members; to promote organized events; and in general, perform them in a lawful manner.





  Hello, My name is Mike R. I am the Vice President and one of the "Shephards". We have created this web site to introduce our group to the world, share some of our fun and riding experience through photo's and stories, and to help our group grow. Please feel free to look around, join up for the site and upon approval you will be able to post in our forums. Check us out, come visit us, and feel free to join us in our fun and riding experiences.  If you have any questions about this site or "STAR Touring and Riding"  please let us know and we will be happy to get back to you as quickly as possible.  














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